How Can They Free Camarena Killer?

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How Can They Free Camarena Killer? On August 9, 2103, after serving 28 years in prison of a 40-year sentence, Rafael Caro Quintero was freed on technicalities. U.S. officials and citizens are outraged that the notorious drug-lord [convicted in the 1985 torture and murder of American DEA agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena] has been released.

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The Content on This Site

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The content on this site is a collection of my published works. You can search from the main menu or by category on the sidebar.  Also, from the top menu under Blogs I link to various blogs I have on different platforms. 

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Children Behavioral Therapy Books

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Children behavioral therapy books help kids with autistic and other behavioral difficulties that are challenged everyday with a real-life labyrinth of puzzles about friendship, honor, courage, right, wrong and more.

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Contemporary Rock N Roll, Pop Music and The Raskins

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Contemporary rock n roll and Pop music are often linked.  ‘Pop’, which is the abbreviation for Popular music, is a well-known genre. But what is it, exactly? It’s nothing, and it’s everything; it is a compilation of works from across a multitude of genres with nothing in common except that it (pop music) attracts the “mainstream.”

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Get Stuff Done

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Getting stuff done is at the root of any business venture.  It may sound trivial, but many start-ups strategize themselves right out of business because they don’t get stuff done! Launching a business and turning it into a revenue-generating enterprise is daunting. Becoming self-sustaining and profitable all the more so.  However, that is just the warm-up drill; the real chore is to stabilize, manage and grow that business in an ever-changing world. This is especially true for my company Intech Creative LLC, a software technology and wholesale web services company. New frameworks, platforms […]

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