Looper: Face Your Future, Fight Your Past

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Face Your Future; Fight Your Past. This is the tagline of Looper, a violent assassin-driven alternative of Back To The Future, with a man from the future attempting to change his past while not getting killed by his younger self.

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Children Killing Children

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What does it say about a society when children kill? When a thirteen year old child is capable of sexually abusing another child, and then murdering yet another? Moreover, both victims were the perpetrators younger brothers. Florida was rocked when Christian, an abused child, beat his 2-year brother to death; and also sexually abused his 5-year old brother. I spoke with …

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Freedom of Speech Vs Reckless Stupidity – Innocence of Muslims

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Freedom of Speech Vs Reckless Stupidity comes into view with the airing of Innocence of Muslims. While freedom of speech is a great thing that has brought truth from the shadows, inspired courage, toppled oppressive governments, and enlightened the mind, soul and spirit, it is also a two-edged sword that can confuse, insult, enrage and divide.

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Molly Brown House: A Hidden Treasure In Denver

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You may not know the name Margaret Brown, but how about the Unsinkable Molly Brown?  Yes, I thought so. Nonetheless, there is so much you can learn at the Molly Brown House Museum in Denver, Colorado that it might just surprise you.

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Wild Animal Sanctuary: A Mile Into The Wild and Wildlife Rescue

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Wild Animal Sanctuary rescues Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My! To be more accurate, 43 African Lions, 14 Mountain Lions, 70 Tigers, 87 Bears, 28 Wolves, as well as many other species; all of them carnivorous — with the exception of a single porcupine and a camel: a total of 290 animals, are all part of an animal rescue.

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