Upcoming NYC Events 2012 and How to Optimize Them

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Finding upcoming NYC events and knowing how to optimize them is key. As an entrepreneur you not only want to find effective events to attend, but also have a plan on how to best attend them — to get the most out of the time and money you invest into them. Below is a list of cost-effective upcoming events, and some ideas on how best to prepare and navigate at an event.

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Visa for India

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Bureaucracy is what it is, but the people at the Indian Visa office were very easy to deal with even if the process caused a glitch for me. Having flown so often to South America, plus a trip to Mexico without needing a visa, I hadn’t thought about one for India until Tuesday afternoon — my flight was Thursday morning.

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The Amazing Spider-Man

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The Amazing Spider-Man we see a reboot of the Marvel Comics Spider-Man franchise, where the director Marc Webb strives for a more serious and edgy look to distinguish it from its predecessor [that starred Toby McGuire]. To that end, other than Spider-Man and his nemesis (The Lizard), there are no other cartoonish characters in this version — like the former film’s Editor In Chief of the Daily Bugle, J. Jonah Jamison, for example.

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Small Business Expo 2012

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Small Business Expo was different sort of event.I knew it even before I entered while crossing 7th Ave walking towards the entrance.  It was located in the Penn Plaza Pavillion [connected to the Pennsylvania Hotel] across from Madison Square Garden in New York City.As I approached I couldn’t help notice — to the left of the entrance — a guy dressed in khakis, a button-down shirt and tie, happily dancing in a full display window that faced the street.  There were two windows actually, both framed with the Small Business […]

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NY EXPO 2012 Review

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The New York Xpo for Business opened today at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. The exhibit booths offered a wide range of products and services, while in the seminar rooms were potent sessions with lots of good take-away knowledge. The XPO this year was extended for a second day, so you can still attend on Thursday May 3rd from 9am to 5pm. A networking after-party occurs at 6pm.

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