Venus Demars, 10 Bones and Independent Music Labels

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She has been an indie artist running her own independent music label since the 1980s. I first saw her on stage at Don Hill’s. My friend Dahlia insisted we go see her and her band All The Pretty Horses: “You’ll really dig’ em.”  I did. And her stage show blew me a way. No wonder Siren Magazine called them “the most visually arresting band you’ll ever see.”  The sound, then, was part The Cars, with a dash of Bowie, spiced up with punk and all mixed into a concoction of dark […]

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Business Plans; Contruction

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Business plans are like a good speech. They make a captivating opening statement, supports that statement, and then make a strong closing. Here is a summary of what that entails. Before you read how to build the plan, make sure to read Part 1, What To Know about business plans.

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